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We delivered an end-to-end mobile game application. The designs, animations, sounds, and gameplay were created for the first time. Working directly in Unity3D allowed us to test, verify and experiment with multiple functionalities. Afitar is a puzzle game that allows for character customization and has plenty of social aspects in it. Players can level up, share their progress with friends and family, and customize their character using thousands of available body parts. On top of that, their character reflects their real-life fitness condition - the more player runs, the more fit the avatar is. If the player forgets about moving, the avatar is getting bigger and chubbier, reminding players about the importance of staying healthy and fit.

about the company

Rocketimpact is a UK startup. They came to us with conceptual materials regarding a brand new mobile app. Deepak Vohra and Phil Tsang realized that our fragile health and well-being are crucial, especially in these uncertain times. They wanted to create an application that will foster players to stay healthy and fit even while spending time on mobile phones, simultaneously connecting them with their families through the social aspect of the application.

aim & challenge

The aim was to create a game that encourages people to exercise actively. The application was targeted at runners and school kids. We needed a lot of time to put together the mechanism for customizing the appearance of the player’s avatar. Since the avatar could wear different clothing and was changing its appearance depending on the player’s fitness state, we had to dig deeper to find the best solution to make thousands of body parts automatically adjust to the current avatar’s size. We developed the character skeleton that was automatically adjusting the body parts to their size. Thanks to close collaboration with animators, individual elements of the outfit could be easily adjusted, and it was possible to create a lot of different skins.


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Technical approach

Choosing Unity3D aside from a business point of view (optimizing project costs) allowed us to set a smooth development path. Unity3D has multi-platform compatibility and enormous assets store. Afitar, on the other hand, was designed as a free mobile application with paid customizable skins/body parts. We knew that further development would require adding more and more content, and Unity3D could provide that. During the development, we also had access to the famous Unity community or video tutorials that helped us go through any obstacles.

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