Rippler is an independent digital music distribution platform that uses a graphic code printed on paper packaging. We have designed and developed a mobile application for scanning codes and for storing and playing downloaded music. We created an online back office system with functionalities that enable distribution management, including generating special codes.

Challenge: Bridge a gap between niche music artists and their audience via online music platform.

Solution: Developed a fast and reliable application for scanning specific physical bar codes.

Effect: Rippler allowed for connecting audience with their favorite artists and explore new ones.

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This project aimed to create a mobile game that will encourage users to do sports and connect fun with exercises. Through a customized avatar that changes appearance, players can see the reflection of their real-life sports performance. This unique 3 match puzzle game allows players to connect with their friends, fully customize their avatar, work on unusual statistics, join weekly challenge groups, and many more.

Challenge: Build from scratch a mobile game that will engage a younger and older audience, and encourage them to stay active and play the game.

Solution: Unity3D mobile game.

Effect: Connected hundreds of mobile users to a new way of interacting with each other through a healthy and sporty lifestyle.

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Kinect based English learning platform

Hop4Elt is an interactive English learning video game for children that is based on Kinect v2 for Windows. Its idea is to foster language teaching through movement and fun. The game allows kids to learn the English language depending on their proficiency—the project required complete graphical design and implementation of the software and soundtrack and animations.

Challenge: Create an engaging, fun to play, and encouraging to learn English game for children.

Solution: Kinect-based game, available for multiple players at once, designed especially for the youngest ones.

Effect: A connection of technology with the learning program increased the learning speed and made it fun for the kids!

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Catering ordering platform

EatZone is a dieting platform for people who appreciate a healthy lifestyle and want to choose an appropriate diet. The portal was created to provide dietary catering services with a comprehensive order management system. The website is based on a dedicated CRM system adapted for managing the information workflow. EatZone specialists can use the system to comprehensively take care of each order, from selecting the proper diet for the customer to notifying couriers about the deliveries.

Challenge: Develop a user-friendly, intuitive, and responsive platform for dietary catering services.

Solution: Dedicated brand-new CRM system that allows to present available catering products and fully manage customer requests and orders.

Effect: The client received a competitive product to present on the market and verify the demand.

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It is a system that allows booking classes for fitness clubs. With the help of an advanced search engine, users can select the gyms they like and the services best suited to their fitness goals and location. Users can purchase individual entries or periodic passes, allowing them to try different options and choose the one that suits them the best.

Challenge: Deliver a responsive advanced sports booking portal with a fast search engine and an intuitive booking mechanism.

Solution: Designed and developed a user-friendly extended sports platform that includes dozens of microservices and functionalities.

Effect: Opened a new way of accessing the sports facilities for the end-users.


We have developed a platform for creating and managing independent mobile applications. As a result, companies and institutions can receive tailor-made applications adapted to their needs. They can control the structure, appearance, and functionalities of the applications. One of these apps' primary purposes is to communicate with the client's community through messaging and interactive content.

Challenge: Find a solution where one-way SMS-based notifications would be replaced by an advanced communication system connecting users to companies.

Solution: Independent mobile app creator.

Effect: Allowed for personalizing digital communication channels, increasing the customer's engagement and customer service level.

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We have prepared numerous real estate portals that collect investment offers for real estate. The portals were equipped with a search engine and an offer comparison service that included many parameters regarding the investment. The user could filter searches by size, price, location, accessibilities, and other properties. The portals contained interactive investment business cards, high-quality photos, investment calculators, articles, and a statistics module.

Challenge: Create graphically and functionally unique real estate portals where all investments would be aggregated in one place and visualized in a unified way.

Solution: Designed and developed easy-to-use, competitive, and functional portals for comparing investments in the real estate market.

Effect: Increased accessibility of the real estate market for future investors.

Insurance broker platform for customers and sales managers

For one of our customers, we have developed in under 3 months a custom insurance broker platform. The web portal helps sales representatives manage their insurance sales activities, track progress and assign roles for their subordinates. Customers, on the other hand, can check detailed offers, manage their owned services, and verify the content of each insurance policy.

Solution: Axa Assistance insurance web broker for B2C customers providing home, cyber, and health insuring services.

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We have created an innovative recruitment platform that combines a traditional job portal with a recruitment tools functionality. Thanks to the intelligent search engine, the platform chooses the most suitable candidates for the IT industry. Companies have access to candidate profiles, which allows them to send job interview invitations through the platform.

Challenge: To develop a brand new, appealing recruitment platform just for the IT market.

Solution: A unique IT recruitment application ready for matching the candidates with their future employers.

Effect: Bridged the gap between companies and candidates in the IT sector.

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We have prepared a tool that protects organizations from money laundering and financial crimes. The innovative, customizable application and dedicated support team allow our client to provide the premier solution to the operational and compliance requirements. The application allows for the creation of ownership maps, search corporate registries, screen names against sanctions and PEP lists (Politically Exposed Persons), and review of adverse media.

Challenge: To deliver a responsive and complex web application that will allow for screening individuals using numerous subsystems from different vendors.

Solution: Designed and developed a Rest API and Web UI allowing for a global background check.

Effect: Helped background check employees to quickly verify the identity of a suspected individual, allowing for faster response times and optimized workload.

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We have created a sports application that helps players to improve their skills in golf. The application is designed for both amateurs and professionals. Real-time computing and graphs drawing provide immediate feedback. Based on club swinging movement and user's position, players can observe their mistakes and visualize their progress. The software allows players to focus on their technique and on removing the errors.

Challenge: Develop software that will effortlessly pull out hardware data from multiple devices (movement tracking and posture analyzer), simultaneously visualizing it and interpreting it on an error-free basis.

Solution: Innovative and easy-to-use golf training software with a potential for further development.

Effect: Created a new way of learning a game of golf and increased its accessibility by providing a flatter learning curve.


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