Global Radar

Our client needed a lightweight application that protects organizations from money laundering and financial crimes. Global Radar is Anti-Money Laundering (AML) software platform from the USA, Miami. They offer risk management solutions to businesses.

The customizable background-screening application and dedicated support team allow the client to provide the premier solution to the operational and compliance requirements. Our team chose Python for better stability, an easier path to further development, and cost-effectiveness. PHP to Python transformation allowed for increased responsiveness, stability, and readiness for future iterations.

We have designed and developed a Rest API and Web UI allowing for a global background check and verifying the identity of a suspected individual, allowing for faster response times and optimized workload. The application allows the creation of ownership maps, search corporate registries, screen names against sanctions and PEP lists (Politically Exposed Persons), and review of adverse media.

JMR’s developers and designers implemented new features to Global Radar such as: sanctions world map, online accounts verification, company network builder. We also significantly improved UX experience.

We were obliged to deliver working software in 3 months. It led to the decision to start with an MVP and consequently deliver the project's following parts.

Django | PostreSQL | Cellery | Asyncio


Our client was equipped only with basic designs and ideas, and he managed to receive the final product in less than six months. The aim was to deliver an intuitive and highly user-friendly web application that will incentivize candidates and companies to use the recruitment tool frequently and upload their relevant job offers.

We have created an innovative recruitment platform that combines a traditional job portal with a recruitment tools functionality. Thanks to the intelligent search engine, the platform chooses the most suitable candidates for the IT industry. Companies have access to candidate profiles, which allows them to send job interview invitations through the platform.

The only challenge we faced was to create something unique and tailored specifically for the UK market. We developed a unique mechanism for dragging & dropping job offers and candidates' profiles to the relevant fields in the dashboard. On top of that, all the numbers and statistics were visualized to increase the overall user experience.

Python | Django | PostgreSQL | Celery | React | Rest API | Docker

3D Dual Force Plates RS

We have created a sports application for Smart2Move, that helps players to improve their skills in golf. The application is designed for both amateurs and professionals. Real-time computing and graphs drawing provide immediate feedback. Based on club swinging movement and user's position, players can observe their mistakes and visualize their progress. The software allows players to focus on their technique and on removing the errors.

We were supposed to develop software that would effortlessly pull out hardware data from multiple devices (movement tracking and posture analyzer), simultaneously visualizing it and interpreting it on an error-free basis.

The application created a new way of learning a game of golf and increased its accessibility by providing a flatter learning curve.

C# | Microsoft.NET | WPF | Entity Framework | MS SQL


For one of our client, we have developed in under 3 months a custom insurance broker platform for customers and sales managers. The web portal helps sales representatives manage their insurance sales activities, track progress and assign roles for their subordinates. Customers, on the other hand, can check detailed offers, manage their owned services, and verify the content of each insurance policy.

Axa assistance web broker for B2C customers providing home, cyber, and health insurance services.

We developed an easy-to-use platform that incentivizes customers to buy one of a few insurance packages. We prepared the designs, wireframes, chose the technology stack and started a fast development process.

The aim was to develop quickly a fully working custom MLM-type insurance selling platform. The website must have included a CMS module for sales representatives, an administrative panel for managers, and an insurance marketplace for customers. In the project, there were created insurance packages marketplace, custom sales tracking links, customer account, and administrator panel.

Python | Django | React | jQuery

Eat Zone

The client needed a user-friendly, intuitive, and responsive online web catering ordering system with products, calculator and diet recommendations. EatZone is a dieting platform. The portal was created to provide dietary catering services with a comprehensive order management system. The website is based on a dedicated CRM system adapted for managing the information workflow. EatZone specialists can use the system to comprehensively take care of each order, from selecting the proper diet for the customer to notifying couriers about the deliveries.

JMR has created the CRM system that allows to present available catering products and fully manage customer requests, orders, and online payments.

The E-commerce module was designed for users and equipped with a caloric calculator based on their requirements like allergens, intolerance, caloric intake, and many more. The user could create a personal account, pay online, change diet, address, restore diet, and was regularly informed by a notification system that reminded about incoming payments.

The back office module was designed to manage the website content by a Content Management System. CMS provided dietitians with a tool to create a special diet menu. Based on diet types and the number of orders, the system automatically displayed a list of necessary products and ingredients for our client to manage the ordering process logistically. This module allowed as well to manage each order separately – adding or removing days or meals in catering. Additionally, financial outcomes, statistics, reports were at the administrator’s disposal.

Our team added surveys which were determining the recommended diets and ingredients for customers additionally setting up the orders in the administrator panel.

Microsoft.NET | jQuery | Microsoft SQL | Entity Framework


The project involved creating a solution for Samsung from scratch that would automate the process of awarding loyalty points to the sales department of air conditioning installers. Samsung had been facing several problems such as: sales award process engaging various internal departments, manual, time-consuming input of data into the system by each involved entity, manual verification of data placed on invoices. Moreover, the problems were manual verification of shipment date, address, and products by logistic, lack of regularly updated catalogs of rewards, which made it challenging to access incentive program information.

Thanks to the workshops devoted to analyzing processes in the company, it was possible to identify the main problems of Samsung, which allowed the design of the integrated loyalty platform. The solution allows instant access to the rewards catalog, making it easier for sellers to visualize their sales goals and manage their points by themselves. The platform also automates the entire prize delivery process, which decreases the time logistics and office workers spent on manual data entry.

We created a loyalty platform with a dedicated product catalog and an accelerated sales performance points management process.

C# | .NET | jQuery | MS SQL | Entity Framework


AdPilot provides online advertising services along with the sale of retail products for a healthy lifestyle. With over 1,500 customer service advisors and telephone sales consultants, AdPilot needs strongly optimized sales processes.

The analysis of the requirements and the Adpilot sales process was necessary to create a knowledge base for call center consultants. The database platform is divided by product search engine, the CMS part, where consultants have access to customer data, and the part that allows communication inside the company. We needed to ensure easy communication of higher levels with a call center teams to provide personalized information for employees.

The project was created based on the agile methodology. Work was regularly verified by the designated representative, who provided comments and corrected any ambiguities. AdPilot received immediate feedback, which was possible thanks to our close cooperation.

Python | Elasticsearch | JQuery | RestAPi | Celery

Investment pages

We have prepared numerous real estate portals that collect investment offers for real estate. The portals were equipped with a search engine and an offer comparison service that included many parameters regarding the investment. The user could filter searches by size, price, location, accessibility, and other properties. The portals contained interactive investment business cards, high-quality photos, investment calculators, articles, and a statistics module.

Our clients were representing multiple companies, that aimed to quickly deliver fully working real estate portals. Being top real estate advisors they knew what is most important for their clients when it comes to website design. We worked together to deliver a unique feeling that would grab a buyer's attention.

JMR has created websites with: dedicated landing pages for every investment, high-quality photos and maps, search engines with specific filters, dedicated contact forms, custom booking systems, housing availability verification systems, and dedicated content management system.

Python | Django | PostreSQL | Cellery | React | RestAPI | Docker


Our client wanted to find a solution where one-way SMS-based notifications would be replaced by an advanced communication system connecting users to companies.

The aim was to create a brand new, unique on the market desktop application that would allow for quick application creation without the necessary knowledge. We have delivered to our client a desktop application that was developed to help individuals create their own communication apps for internal usage.

As a result, companies and institutions can receive tailor-made applications adapted to their needs. They can control the structure, appearance, and functionalities of the applications. One of these apps' primary purposes is to communicate with the client's community through messaging and interactive content.

After a user created the application on the mProfi platform, our client received the necessary information to quickly develop a mobile app and upload it on Google Store or App Store. The whole process could take less than 2 hours.

Using mProfi, people could create a dedicated application for mobile phones for their communities, employees, social groups, or any other reason with a one-time payment. Very often they were used as an alternative channels for communication among communities and worked as informative tools.

The challenge part came when developing a highly detailed framework for the application. It was necessary to store multiple templates that are ready to use and customized for every particular need. Additionally, the application had to be user-friendly for a non-technical user to manage his requests, and at the same time allow for advanced personalization. On the other hand, our client had to receive back a clear instruction on exactly what app must be uploaded to the store.

Python | Django | RestAPI | Cordova | Angular.JS


Rippler was an Italian startup. We developed an independent digital music distribution platform from Italy, that uses a graphic code printed on paper packaging. It was a mobile application with a bar code scanner allowing for purchasing digital music albums from physical carriers. We have designed and developed a mobile application for scanning codes and for storing and playing downloaded music.

Rippler allowed for connecting audience with their favorite artists and explore new ones. The whole concept was based on a mechanism of purchasing digital albums or songs via a mobile QR code scanner. It allowed artists to advertise their albums at concerts, in bars, studios, or any other place that allowed them to hang a printed version of their CD bar code. The bar codes were generated internally and distributed among music artists. The customer could download a Rippler application, scan the visible bar code, and purchase and access a music album stored on a secured mobile application.

We have created an easy-to-use lightweight, secure mobile application. We chose PhoneGap back when Windows Phone was present on the market. It allowed us to develop seamlessly one application for three platforms: Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. simultaneously decreasing the costs for our customer.

The biggest challenge was creating the mechanism of generating the bar codes. Our customer forced a challenging idea that the bar codes must have been round, not squared. We had to create a way of displaying them so that the scanner could read them without any problems. On top of that, we needed to secure the music files against any illegal attempts of copying them and redistributing them with a unique security mechanism.

After dealing with that, we had to find out how not to lose hours generating thousands of bar codes in printable PDF files for each partner.

Python | Django | Rest API | Cordova | AngularJS

Sports social platform

We have designed and developed a user-friendly extended sports platform that includes dozens of microservices and functionalities.

It is a system that allows booking classes for fitness clubs. With the help of an advanced search engine, users can select the gyms they like, and the services best suited to their fitness goals and location. Users can purchase individual entries or periodic passes, allowing them to try different options and choose the one that suits them the best.

C# | Microsoft.NET | ReactJS | jQuery | Microsoft SQL | Entity Framework | Payments API | Google Maps API


JMR, a leading custom software development company, partnered with a startup in China to create a comprehensive web-based platform called "YMYX." This platform aimed to bridge the gap between designers and clothes factories within the designer's market industry. YMYX served as a dynamic marketplace that streamlined communication, collaboration, and production processes for designers and manufacturers.

The YMYX project spanned over 2 years, during which JMR worked diligently to develop a feature-rich and user-centric platform.

Features Added: Mobile Application Integration, User Data Collection, Custom Design Portfolio, Designers and Manufacturers Collaboration, Project-Based Communication, Sampling System, Feed System, End-to-End Process Control, Bidding System, Reviews and Ratings, Mailing Notifications, and Manufacturers Stock Maintenance.

REST API | Sockets | Python | Django | JavaScript | React | Redis | PostgreSQL


Hop4Elt is an interactive English learning video game for children that is based on Kinect v2 for Windows. Its idea is to foster language teaching through movement and fun. The game allows kids to learn the English language, depending on their proficiency—the project required complete graphical design and implementation of the software and soundtrack and animations.

We connected technology to the learning program, increased the learning speed and made it fun for the kids. The platform allowed for up to 4 players to participate at the same time. Each game was narrated by a native speaker and managed by a teacher that oversaw the children.

Unity3D | Kinect


We created a mobile game that would encourage users to do sports and connect fun with exercises. This unique 3 match puzzle game allows players to connect with their friends, fully customize their avatar, work on unusual statistics, join weekly challenge groups, and many more.

JMR delivered an end-to-end mobile game application. The designs, animations, sounds, and gameplay were created for the first time. Working directly in Unity3D allowed us to test, verify and experiment with multiple functionalities. Afitar is a puzzle game that allows for character customization and has plenty of social aspects in it. Players can level up, share their progress with friends and family, and customize their character using thousands of available body parts. On top of that, their character reflects their real-life fitness condition - the more player runs, the more fit the avatar is. If the player forgets about moving, the avatar is getting bigger and chubbier, reminding players about the importance of staying healthy and fit.

MS SQL | Unity 3D | Microsoft.NET | Entity Framework


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