Insurance broker platform for customers and sales managers



The idea of this project was to deliver the whole platform with a CMR system and customer panel in 3 months. We developed an easy-to-use platform that incentivizes customers to buy one of few insurance packages. We prepared the designs, wireframes, chose the technology stack and started a fast development process.

about the company

Our client is a one man band, working as a representative of numerous IT projects. He is focused on gaining necessary funds to run a particular project, and delivering final products to many companies across Poland, He came to us on behalf of Axa Insurance provider with an idea prepared conceptually, but without any details regarding the technology and project methodology.

the aim

The aim was to develop quickly a fully working custom MLM-type insurance selling platform. The website must have included a CMS module for sales representatives, an administrative panel for managers, and an insurance marketplace for customers. Since the project aim was to deliver it quickly, we had to focus on finishing every module before the deadline to leave some space for flexibility in adding or removing functionalities.

Main Features

▪ Insurance packages marketplace Throughout the administrative panel, sales managers track their statistics and margins. Brokers can access the platform on behalf of sales representatives and connect their accounts to their managers. Managers then can control their employees in the form of a network. Each selling entity can have people underneath and generate income based on their sales. ▪ Custom sales tracking links Sales representatives can assign and be assigned to specific customers and their managers. Administrators then manage which insurance services are provided to which customers. ▪ Customer account Customers have access to their data, purchase history, offer descriptions, customer reviews, newsletter, and FAQ and can easily access all necessary insurance information. ▪ Administrator panel Sales managers can edit all the content on the website. In addition, they can track their shares and margins based on the sales of their employees.

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