Catering ordering platform



We have developed a platform that allows for creating detailed diet orders and online payments for our partner. The platform was divided into two modules. The E-commerce module was designed for users and equipped with a caloric calculator based on their requirements like allergens, intolerance, caloric intake, and many more. The user could create a personal account, pay online, change diet, address, restore diet, and was regularly informed by a notification system that reminded about incoming payments. Second module – the back office module was designed to manage the website content by a Content Management System. CMS provided dietitians with a tool to create a special diet menu. Based on diet types and the number of orders, the system automatically displayed a list of necessary products and ingredients for our client to manage the ordering process logistically. The back office module allowed as well to manage each order separately – adding or removing days or meals in catering. Additionally, financial outcomes, statistics, reports were at the administrator’s disposal.

about the company

EatZone (BeDiet) was already an established company looking for a software partner to help them build a unique catering system. EatZone, in the beginning of the development, had very little to no competition. The market had just opened for catering suppliers and allowed for the development a solution in tailor-made fashion, where customers could test and verify each iteration, and we could observe the market behavior and needs.

aim & challenge

The aim was to create a brand new custom system. The competition was very little, and the system did not have a good the benchmark we could take the example of. Our client wanted to receive a working MVP version in a short period of time. This led us to develop the whole project in separate stages, where each functionality could be tested out independently. The catering market was flourishing, and new competition was regularly appearing, which allowed us to tune the platform and add necessary tweaks to improve the overall experience. Such an approach left the platform open for new options that were noticed later, like an adding tool that helped couriers generate the delivery documents.









Technical approach

The first difficulty raised during our attempts to calculate catering prices that were based on customers' needs. Since the system allowed for a particular order, which could have in it multiple different addresses, diets, promotional codes, and special requirements, we had to spend a good amount of hours on developing a calculating mechanism that will always work in an error-free manner. Another difficulty came during the designing period of the mechanism that pulled out the data from customers surveys. The answers in surveys were determining the recommended diets and ingredients for customers additionally setting up the orders in the administrator panel.

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